The City of Concord CA Offers New Meaning to Life Outdoors

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Wasting away a day in a park in Concord California offers more than a picnic lunch or walk in the park, although you can do that too.

There are farmer’s markets, outdoor concerts and, of course, playgrounds.

And there is the Mount Diablo Mountain, where serious hikers can test their endurance.

“There’s a lot of interest in the parks and recreation here,” says Parks Manager John Rego. “People get involved in different aspects of the park, from soccer and tennis to hiking.”

Longtime resident John Mercurio loves to spend most of his weekends outdoors, which is one of the reasons he moved back to Concord after trying to live elsewhere. John can routeinly be found on the many playgrounds with his children, hiking and even mountain biking.

It’s not just the activity Concord provides, it is also the freedom from traffic and the openness the city offers.

“When you drive through an open area, I like to think it gives you a break from the chaotic nature of things,” he says. “The city of Concord does a great job of maintaining the parks. The grass is green and everything looks pretty. You can be proud to go there.”

It’s the city’s commitment to the upkeep of the parks that makes them such a draw to residents, new and old.

“Parks add to the quality of life and are valued by business owners planning to locate in Concord,” says Laura Hoffmeister, redevelopment agency chair and council member for the city of Concord. “They add to the quality of life for our residents. They provide children and families with a place to go to enjoy the outdoors. They provide a green oasis in the midst of our built-out community.”

And with 27 parks, more that 1,000 acres of open space and over 3,000 acres of developed parkland to choose from, residents can spend every weekend of the year enjoying a different aspect of Concord.

Here are just a few spots vying for your outdoor attention.

Todos Santos Plaza

Host to the year round farmer’s market, this community gathering place was one of the original blocks laid out for the city of Concord more than 125 years ago. The granite stage holds concerts during the summer and a child play area is a very popular spot for families with young children every day. “It’s a very rare facility for a downtown to have,” Rego says. Over 100,000 people spend time at this plaza annually.

Newhall Community Park

The 126 acres of Newhall Community Park include the “Paw Patch,” a place for the four legged family members to romp and roam free of a leash. “It’s a big ticket attraction,” says Steve Voorhies, senior recreation program manager. The 2-acre dog park was built in 2001.

Hillcrest Park

The park’s play area, built in 2007, accommodates children of all abilities. “It’s a universally acceptable playground that has received many awards,” Voorhies says. “It has musical instruments and large decking areas for kids in wheelchairs, as well as kids who are fully mobile. It’s a beautiful, one-of-a-kind playground.”

MOUNT Diablo

Serious hikers and weekend cruisers can wind their way through thousands of acres at Mount Diablo. Located in Clayton, hikers can access the park through trails that lead out of Concord. And if you make it to the summit on a clear day, you can see for more than 200 miles.

Annually, thousands of families relocate to cities like Concord California. Should you need relocation information, please visit Livability online.

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