Mma Grappling

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Mma grappling refers to the control of the opponent in full contact mixed martial arts sports, which can be achieved by handling, holding or gripping. There is no mixed martial arts match without grappling, and no matter the combat style that you practice, MMA grappling will be always there. From Sambo and judo to jiu-jitsu and wrestling, grappling is ever present. Considered a mode of fighting, grappling does not make a style in itself or a separate martial art. It has similarities with striking and it includes throws, pinning techniques and joint locks. MMA grappling uses any of these or all most usually with style variations.

There are MMA grappling locks that use throws, and a pin may be created out of a throw; therefore, there is no clear-cut distinction between the various aspects of grappling in terms of technique. Through sweeps and escapes specific to MMA grappling, the fighter can improve the ground position. Sweeps and escapes are generally used when attempting a better pin or when the athlete tries to break loose from a grip. The examples of MMA grappling possibilities are countless, and the martial art in question allows for the distinction.

Integrated into mixed martial arts, grappling suffers little changes. While it is related mainly to sports that depend on gripping tactics first and foremost, as it is the case with Brazilian jiu-jitsu, judo and submission wrestling, MMA grappling should be considered one of the many techniques that you’ll see in cage fighting. Martial arts such as taekwondo, boxing, karate and kickboxing avoid grappling and therefore integrate less MMA grappling in combat. These latter martial arts do not allow grappling, making the fighters focus more on kicking or punching.

According to mixed martial arts training, Mma grappling shorts makes an important part of the striking strategies and self-defense tactics. Although armed grappling is specific to many Chinese martial arts and aikido, only non-armed MMA grappling is allowed in mixed martial arts. Confrontations are a lot more difficult and dangerous when a weapon is used too. Martial arts practitioners that master both techniques have more chances of success in full contact combat thanks to their advanced skills. Yet, weapons will never be introduced in mixed martial arts: that is a fact.

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