How Easton Bats Benefit You

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Easton-Bell Sports Inc., located in Van Nuys, California, began manufacturing easton bats in the mid-1970´s, who today makes composite, alloy and wooden bats.

They make bats that meet a whole range of specifications which are designed to help batters of all different ages, sizes and skill levels.

They are a leader in the industry and as such, have invested time and money into developing new technologies that help players using Easton bats improve their performance.

Some of the new technologies are Connexion technology, integrated matrix technology (commonly called IMX) and carbon nanotube technologies (called CNT).

Easton´s resin system is made better by the carbon nanotube technology by enhancing it. So, in effect, the CNT strengthens the handle design. Connexion technology creates an efficient transfer of energy in the bat that goes from the handle to the barrel.

IMX technology is basically what Easton uses to strengthen the structure of composite bats. How they do this is by layering aerospace grade fibers which are then angled in order to maximize the hitting area. Another benefit of this technology is that vibration is minimized.

In addition to the new bat technology they have introduced, Easton bats are also made as composite bat, aluminum/alloy and wood.

There are two composite bat lines at Easton. The Stealth IMX and the Synergy IMX are both composite bats. The Stealth IMX for 2010 has increased handle flex over prior models. They also make two other youth models called the Power Hitter and the LCN11.

Easton now competes head to head with Louisville since the Synergy is a one piece stiff handle bat. The one piece stiff handle bat was produced last year even though they´ve had a two piece stiff handle bat for a long time.
These two bats are pretty much the most popular composite bat from youth to college level.

A hybrid bat is one that has a composite handle and and alloy barrel. Easton makes the SV12 which is their hybrid bat. Even though the Stealth IMX has handle flex, the SV12 has more flex.

The model V12 has the stiffest handle of the entire Easton line of bats and is a 100% one piece alloy bat.

Easton also makes other 100% alloy bats. The Stealth CNT is one and comes with either a flex or a stiff handle. The Stealth CNT comes highly recommended as the best 100% alloy bat and its known that most players who use alloys prefer the Stealth CNT.

It is well known that Easton has used high tech materials and manufacturing to create their bats, but something that is important to know is that while most manufacturers claim to have a sweet spot, Easton bats produce performance along the whole length of the barrel, not just a sweet spot. You could say the whole barrel is a sweet spot!

Easton has achieved a lighter MOI in their Stealth Speed line by a new manufacturing process that reduces barrel mass. This makes the player´s swing even faster.

Easton has just introduced a new stealth speed bat called the Stealth Speed XL that is the lightest weight and has the fastest swing of any bat in the little league.

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