Yacht Charter: Facts You Must Know About Giving Tips

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Sailing Whitsundays is truly an awesome experience but the skills required to carry out such a great travel come with a price.

For novices in Queensland yacht charters who are not yet fully acquainted with this kind of experience, there are several questions regarding the customs and routines aboard a luxurious boat. Concerns and questions about tipping usually arise. Some people may ask if it is appropriate, and if it is, they ask how much is acceptable.

Read on to find out some of the answers to your questions about tipping.

For crews of Queensland yacht charters, gratuity can make a large portion of their pay. By considering tips as a separate item, the yacht charterer may reward a certain crew that has done their job remarkably. Giving a tip is a great gesture of showing your appreciation for their extra effort. It is also an ideal way to motivate them.

If you are not given information about giving tips, you should ask the receptionist or the one in charge with bookings about it. Ask if it is a policy. Because if it is a company policy, it would not be appropriate and appreciative to leave without tipping especially when you surely had a blast and you were given great services.

A respectable yacht charter company would take the time to give you information about gratuity prior to closing the booking process. This detail is essential because it could be one of your bases when selecting a yacht. This is because some yacht charter companies include tips in the cost summary. Also, there could be a suggested range which is based on the type of service you would avail.

Your total booking fee would most likely increase if a yacht charter has a policy of 10-15% gratuity. Such figure may sound like a huge increase but it may be justified considering that crew members do many thing you normally tip for like entertaining you, serving your meals, and making your bed.

So how much tip should you give? For most Queensland yacht charters, the tipping range starts from 10 to 20% of the fee of the chartered vessel. If your meals are not included in the said fee, the gratuity should be based on the fee for the boat only. If you believe your crew did an awesome job and you are so happy and satisfied with the services you received, 15 is a better figure than 10. But is you can say that your experience sailing Whitsundays is simply incredible and perfect, then 20 is the right figure.

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