Whitsunday Yacht Charters: How to Book a Yacht

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Whitsunday yacht charters may have varying procedures of booking a rented yacht or boat but there are surely some same processes they do.

There are 2 to 3 ways on how to book a yacht. You can send an email, call, or go personally to the charter company. If you are not yet sure about what you want, or it is your first time to rent from yacht charter in the Whitsundays, then maybe the most ideal way is to send an e-mail will all essential information. Such essential information are the kind of vessel of your choice, number of people on board, departure point, rental periods, and other requests you may have.

Sailboat of Motor Yacht?

Motor yachts can be a lot faster and larger than sailboat. If you would like a yacht, you would also be asked to choose between catamaran and monohull. Monohulls have single hull and are built for speed while catamarans are more stable on water which will greatly reduce the risk of seasickness.

Who will go with you?

The number of people on your group will determine the number of your staterooms and the way they need to be organized. It is very significant to distinguish children from adults since some of the rooms have twin beds for children which may not be ideal for couples. Knowing the needs of your group will also aid the captain or the agent ensure that the necessary amenities are available and the appropriate activities are included in the itinerary in order to keep each person on board satisfied and happy.

How long will your yacht charter vacation last?

Normally, yacht charters in Whitsundays are available weekly or daily. The length of your sailing will also be a consideration in terms of the places you like to visit.

When do you wish to take your charter?

Plan your sail as early as possible. If you are thinking on going for the holidays, you must book at least one year in advance. Dates will also affect the selection of vessels in the place you tend to visit.

After giving all the needed information and confirming your booking, you may be required to pay 50 per cent of the whole rental price, and the balance can be settled few weeks before your sailing starts. The yacht charter company may provide you with a hostess or a skipper if you not have a valid license or if you are not yet qualified to steer a vessel.

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