Whitsunday Yacht Charter Do’s and Don’ts

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To have a great and safe Whitsunday yacht charter experience, take note of the following:


• Know the year the boat was manufactured and its current condition. Have this written and it should be stated clearly in the contract. Make sure you will be given the right to decline or pick another similar yacht you prefer. This should also be stated in the contact.

• Prefer a bigger yacht charter company over a smaller one since it has more inventory which implies more choices for you.

• Request for a list of equipment.

• Charter a yacht that suits your sailing experience and skills. If you are a beginner, you might need a boat with GPS, auto-pilot, Chart Plotter at the helm, and electric winches. If you’re a more experienced and skilled sailor, you may prefer one without automation.

• Inspect the boat before finalizing the booking process. Check and test every device, item, and component of the yacht carefully. If something is not functioning properly, make sure it gets fixed or you will be given another boat.

• Check out the vessel again before sailing.

• Make sure the contract covers any repair that occurs while you are out sailing. The hire company should exchange the vessel within 24 hours and book for you a hotel at a rate equivalent to the yacht. These should be at the expense of the hire company. Make sure you have reimbursement agreement since the usual running cost a day is $300 to $500.

• If possible, pay using your credit card. This way, you can have a power to dispute or partially dispute the charges if necessary.


• Don’t wear shoes on board. Captains do not allow them since they can damage decks and leave unsightly skid marks all over.

• Don’t bring drugs or any kind of firearm. The captain is given the right to cancel the cruise instantly if this rule is violated. You may not be able to get a refund if you break this rule.

• Do not smoke in the cabins.

• Do not bring any device that needs high electric energy. Electric power on board is limited compared to your home.

• Do not use kitchen equipment yourself unless you are invited. Also, do not help yourself with anything in the fridge unless the hostess or the chef himself has prepared a spot where food and drinks are available as you please.

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