Whale Watching in Margaret River: The Best Places to Spot Whales

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Whale watching in Margaret River is one of the many great attractions in Western Australia. This is because of the vast stretch of ocean and beach.

When should you go whale watching in Margaret River?

The humpback and Southern Right whales travel from Antarctica to the warm waters of Margaret River. This is where they go to get nourishment. But before the winter season, they will migrate to the north to reproduce. They can first be seen in Flinders Bay in Augusta beginning from the month of June through September. These whales migrate to Geographe Bay, Busselton in September through December. It is during this migration time when you could have the best chance of seeing whales.

You can also get to see some Blue Whales which are actually an endangered species. They are quite hard to predict but they also migrate to the north for reproduction. It is best to go whale watching in the Margaret River during midday when the sun is directly overhead, as the whales can most often be seen during this time of the day.

What are your options for whale watching?

Normally, there are two ways to be involved in whale watching in Margaret River. The first one is to charter boats or yachts. This gives the best opportunity to spot these amazing mammals up-close. Most boat charter companies give a 99% of seeing these giants. There are some who let tourists to join the cruise again for free if they have not seen a whale during their first cruise.

Also, securing the best seat in a tour can give you the chance to be benefited from tour operator’s superior knowledge about the area. He can give you tips on which spots offer the best opportunity of spotting these mammals based on the time of the year.

The second option is for those who do not prefer to take a cruise. They could simply spot some whales from land. The Flinders Bay gives a good chance of spotting whales during the month of June.

Here are other areas perfect for whale watching:

Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse: This structure offers binoculars you can use to watch whales clearly from a distance.

Geographe Bay: When you want to go whale watching in Margaret River in the month of September to December, this is one of the best places to be. Also, there are some yachts you can hire in this specific place.

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