Weight Lifting Gloves – Top-Notch, Genuine Leather Fitness Gloves With Wrist Wraps + Padded Palm

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I began weight lifting about 6 months ago and I like it. I am seeing progress and getting stronger all the time and am beginning to see more shape and muscle tone around my chest and arms in particular.

However now that I’m getting stronger, I am working with heavier weights which is fantastic. However the problem with this is that my hands began to give up before my muscles did. This meant that I was never really managing to completely fatigue them and as an outcome of this I appeared to hit a plateau.

Also my hands were getting really aching from the pressure on them from the grips of the dumbbells and bars I was working with.

Anyway, somebody at my fitness center said that I ought to try training using fitness gloves as this might help with the troubles that I was having.

I needed some gloves that were both strong and comfy as I didn’t wish to squander my money on something that just lasted a few weeks. I also saw some lads wearing lifting gloves that had extra padding over the palm which seemed like a great concept too.

So I had a look at Amazon for some ideas and discovered these gym gloves from Elite Body Squad. I needed a more hard wearing pair so I went right past the budget brands and I’m really delighted with the pair I purchased. They feel really high quality and have molded perfectly to the shape of my hands and make weightlifting so much more satisfying. I can focus on the exercises now instead and am beginning to lift more weight again. I would definitely endorse these gloves.

I like the fact that Amazon have a 100% money back policy so if you’re not entirely delighted with what you’ve purchased, you can merely ask for for a total refund!

Not that I’ll be returning these weight lifting gloves back – they’re terrific!

Padded palm which offers security and reduces training abrasion
Premium hand made soft black leather training gloves
Fingerless gym gloves – improves grip strength and stability
Built in wrist wrap fixes wrists throughout heavy lifting
Breathable, pliable Lycra mesh back to decrease heat build up.
Easy open finger tab to enhance fit and assist in removal after use.
Array of sizes from small to XL to enhance comfort and tighten up grip.

Learn more about this at amazon.co.uk/Weight-Lifting-Gloves-Bodybuilding-Satisfaction/dp/B00DHG9708/weight lifting gloves/

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