Various Choices In Mercedes Benz Melbourne Car Models

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Mercedes Benz, one of the world’s top-notch car makers, manufactures a wide variety of vehicles that have added an exceptional twist to the history of man’s travel experiences. If you’re searching for a Mercedes Benz Melbourne, you’ll be happy to learn that there are several car models that are made to suit the unique nature of the Australian roads and climate.

Here is a look at a few of the Mercedes Benz Car Models available in Melbourne.

* A-Class Hatch
This model comes at a very affordable price and with a low roofline and precise creases, it offers great style. This is the ideal car for young buyers.

* C-Class Sedan
The C Class sedan is available in 3 unique models; each one comes with a different engine type including: C250, 4Matic, C350 and C300. This car offers the best comfort to its passenger.

* E-Class Sedan
The E-Class Sedan is a direct descendant of the rattly (sturdy diesel models of the ’70s). It comes across as a very refined vehicle particularly because of its significant power and high fuel efficiency.

* S-Class Saloon
The S-Class Saloon model is available at local showrooms, which would definitely be excellent news for those searching for a strongly built Mercedes Benz Melbourne. The car offers a lot of space inside with a smooth drive and an extremely powerful engine.

* B-Class Sports Tourer
This car is targeted at buyers aged 27 and above. It can be found in different models e.g B180, B180 Sports.

* C-Class Estate
The calm and peaceful character of the C Class model differentiates it from the rest. It has an excellent road grip and an excellent interior.

* E-Class Estate
Mercedes E-Class estate is one of the best Mercedes Melbourne car models, which are ideal for the state of Victoria and its people. The car is very practical. There are many different engines available in this car.

* SLS AMG Coupe
Run by a 6.3 liter engine, this supercar offers an electronically limited top speed of 197 mph. It has sport seats, powerful braking, light alloy wheels and gullwing doors.

* E-Class Cabriolet
This is a 4-seater convertible car that is designed to ensure that everyone (which includes the rear passengers) enjoys the ride. This model has several benefits like; high engine performance, refinement and added security.

* M-Class SUV
As far as Mercedes Benz Melbourne models are concerned, the M-Class SUV is definitely the king of the road. It comes with a V6 diesel engine option and a high-performance 518 AMG horsepower.

* GL-Class SUV
This imposing 7-seater SUV exudes quality. The standard fit air suspension features of this car make it sufficiently strong to cope with any type of bumpy roads.

Our last words…
Well, that’s all. A lot of Mercedes Benz Melbourne car models are available out there. If you would like to see them, then visit your nearest showroom today.

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