Tutorial Segment – How To Use A Bicycle Tire Pump By Geared2U

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Have you had to walk home?

Pretty humiliating huh?

You could not even look at your buddies the next day could you?

Well do not stress my friend, we'll show you how to master it!

Naturally we're talking about how to use a bike pump!


It is essential to understand how to use your bike tire pump correctly to make certain that you have long-term use out of it as well as to be able to pump your bike tire up after a puncture or if you want it to be a little harder depending on the surface you're on.

The video included in this post or article will instruct you on how to correctly operate a bike tire pump regardless if you have actually purchased it from Geared2U or not. A lot of brand name bike pumps work the exact same way and can be set up the exact same way for Presta or Schrader valves.

It is very important to see the video entirely as utilizing the steps shown in this video will guarantee that your bike tire pump will outlast your bike!

Ensure you don't ever end up being the joke of your friends and make certain you understand how to operate and take care of your bike pump!

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