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December 24, 2012 | By Guest | Filed in: Outdoor Camping.

The huge tires, disc brakes, and big front shock make the Diamondback Overdrive Mountain Bike 29’er a real tough looking bike. Its comfort is amazing! It is a 24-speed hard tail mountain bike with 29-inch wheels. The aluminum Overdrive hard tail frame means it will stand up to just about anything, even triathlon riding. Nevertheless, the 8-speed trigger shifters which should make it easy to shift gears may not be the best as effortless as expected.

The Diamondback Overdrive 29’er takes rocks and tough terrain as if they were nothing. At $500 you can’t go wrong with this one. Some assembly is required to set it up to ride, but that is simple enough for the mechanically minded individual. It only takes a bit of tuning to get it ready to roam the streets, trails and ride in the park.

Every biker understands that protection is a must for surviving, and the Giro Aeon Road Bike Helmet makes the perfect accessory for that. All it takes is measuring to get the right fit, a few small adjustments, and place this light weight helmet on the head for proper fit. It has enough venting to make it really comfortable. The quality of workmanship that went into making it is evident, and the removable padding and straps are easy to clean, just throw them in the washer.

At $140, the Giro Aeon Road Bike Helmet may be a little pricier than other helmets, but you always get what you pay for. Since there is no way of telling what is around the next bend in the road it is worth paying a bit more for quality protection. This could be the perfect helmet for anyone living in hot, humid climates. Many report that it is like being bareheaded with this helmet.

The Schwinn Prelude Bicycle is certainly for the serious commuter. It is rough and tough, but light weight as well. Speed means a lot when getting to and from work or moving around town. It may not look as appealing as some bikes, but it is worth the price.

The Schwinn Prelude Bicycle is well balanced with easy shifting, and the brake calipers do what they are supposed to by keeping the tires centered. There are some drawbacks to this bike, though. One that really stands out is the way the brakes are positioned. Precious milliseconds are wasted getting to them which can mean trouble in a hurry. Some assembly is needed to get this bike on the road, and some have noticed the chain rubbing the frame. At $250, this bike is a steal. When you weigh all your options, you will see that this price is pretty fair for a quality adult bicycle.

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