The Way to Shape a Golf Ball Right and Left

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Provided you were to ask almost any golfer “the way to spin a ball”, they’d almost certainly think you were discussing backspin. Knowing the way to put adequate Backspin on a Golf Ball will minimally manipulate your ball as it lands on the golf green, and when you’re extremely skillful at it you’ll be able to make the ball reverse its direction and come back toward you. That skill is going to come in handy for a close pin position, since you will probably be in a position to get the ball closer even as your golf shot will have more margin for error.

But more frequently we ought to visualize golf ball spin to form the ball for the direction we would like it to travel. This certainly was a life-saver for Bubba Watson in the 2012 Masters, while on the sudden death hole he had to knock the ball through trees, then suddenly hook it so it had a chance to get on the golf green. As we are aware he produced a great golf shot under pressure, putting the ball on the green and then winning the competition on the hole.

Lacking the ability to shape the ball left-to-right (Watson is left-handed) and hook the ball only the correct amount, he likely would have lost the tournament on the hole. The explanation why he and any golfer can form the ball in any direction will be, of course, the ability to spin the ball. And much like putting backspin on a ball, it mostly involves practice and technique. However whenever we see our ball slice or hook out of bounds, we have either put too much spin with the ball or spun the ball too much by accident. Then we have to work on the way to Correct the Golf Slice.

A few golfers can knock the ball a good distance and drive the ball dead straight consistently, but incredibly few. With most golfers the normal swing is likely to be somewhat inside-out, producing a draw, or outside-in, generating a fade. Let’s say you are trying to become too precise and try hitting the ball in a straight line, nearly all of the time you will not accomplish perfection and it’s going to shape, or spin come what may. One of the most disconcerting things that may happen for a golfer is never knowing the way the ball is going to spin. This provides him little margin for error while executing the golf shot.

So on the driving range; settle on if you would like your golf ball to draw or to fade. Then go through the following list:

1. Grip. If you wish to spin the ball to generate a draw, use a powerful grip to help maintain the clubface somewhat closed at ball impact.
2. Alignment of the feet. To produce a draw of the ball, shut the stance a little. This will maintain a swing pathway that will go from inside the ball to outer through ball contact.
3. Shoulder position. For creating a draw, keep the front shoulder from opening up, while keeping the clubface moving through the golf ball longer through ball contact.

Obviously, to generate golf ball spin that will trigger the ball to fade, do the complete opposite for the above. Shaping the ball left or right simply means spinning the ball clockwise or counterclockwise and just a small quantity of spin will be required to successfully shape the ball right or left.

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