The Sizzler, A Classic Boat Builder’s Aspiration Come True

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There is, possibly no better lake to sail on than Lake Coeur d’Alene on account of what the locals, like Duane Hagadone, call The Express. It is a land breeze that forms when the hills around Wolf Lodge Valley cool more quickly compared to the lake’s surface. It routinely blows somewhere in between twelve and 15 knots each summer time evening close to sunset.

Duane Hagadone, proprietor of the Hagadone Marine Group, a Idaho Used Boats, has put in 75 plus year on this lake and has been an avid sailor his total life. “I’ve always had a sailboat,” claims Hagadone, “and I had this dream of building a sleek boat that I could sail by myself on the lake.” Hence the birth of the Sizzler, a 60 foot sailboat can be sailed by a single person. The Sizzler does this through a very elaborate hydraulic system.

Hagadone commissioned a monohull with a 90-foot carbon-fiber mast, designed by an English yacht architect and designer. This is a massive boat for a lake boat, although the boat did not include overnight accommodations. The Sizzler was to become primarily used for cruises to lakefront eating places and nighttime sailing on the lake powered from the The Express.

To start with both Hagadone and Castro planned to have a major shipyard develop the yacht, but once they worked on the design with each other, they recognized Hagadone’s personal boating organization, could take on the job and complete it superbly. However, Hagadone Marine Group’s Resort Boat Shop, which, up to this stage had only specialised in restoring smaller sized Wood Boat Building Plans. This was an enormous leap for them “First we had to build a building that we could make it in,” recalls Hagadone. “It was a huge project, and to have it turn out as beautifully as it has is just an unbelievable credit to the team.”

Following a thirteen month build Hagadone launched Sizzler in July 2007. “It’s so sleek,” claims Hagadone, “that it looks like it’s going ten knots when it’s tied to the dock.” The Sizzler definitely sizzles with a conventional cedar-and-mahogany hull but by some means is really a stunningly modern looking lake boat.

The hydraulic system, which makes it possible for Hagadone to sail by himself, is set where the master cabin would typically be housed. It controls the yacht’s 2,852 square ft of sails, and also its keel. These and other functions are operated from twin helms, positioned at port and starboard close to the stern side of the cockpit.

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