The MMA Clothing You Ought To Have When Beginning The Sport

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The sport of MMA keeps on growing as it continues to attract more viewers and participants. Anyone looking to take up MMA must kit themselves out with the right safety equipment such as a head and mouth guard and suitable gloves. In addition to protective equipment, beginners should also invest in appropriate MMA clothing.

MMA fight shorts

Those that have just taken up MMA will not be expected by the teacher to take part in sparring sessions from the off. This means that you can get away with wearing regular sports shorts whilst you get a feel for the sport. That said, proper fight shorts will be needed if you continue with MMA and begin practicing wrestling and grappling moves. Look for options that are made from a durable, stretchy material and that have double stitched seams.

Underwear protection

Groin strikes were permitted when MMA began its rise in popularity. Although they have since been banned, participants always run the risk of an accidental low blow landing. In order to protect against such impacts there are three main kinds of protective underwear; compression shorts, Thai style cups and traditional jockstraps. Whilst compression shorts do tend to be the popular choice, which best suits you is really down to personal taste.

Protecting upper body

It is impossible to avoid your upper body coming into contact with the floor during wrestling and grappling sessions. This frequently results in the skin breaking out in rashes. A tight fitting top known as rash guard can be used to protect the upper body. The fact that they are made from specially designed material allows your body to breathe, whilst greatly reducing the friction caused by contact with the floor. Although you won’t be permitted to wear a rash guard should you take part in a real bout, they are certainly advisable for training purposes.

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