The Lightweight Fishing Tackle for Heavy Weight Use

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One of the best aerial type center pin fishing tackles in terms of innovative and cutting edge design is the J.W. Young and Sons Bob James Lightweight Fishing Tackle. This center pin reel is designed with a spoked construction with two ball bearing racers where the spool runs. While this is not a pure center pin design, this innovation makes this rod one of the best ones in the world today.

The back plate of this fishing tackle is machine constructed, giving this equipment a lightweight feel. It also features a click check system together with a micro adjustable disc drag set-up. This fishing rod has its center pin minus the usual cages that are normal in other designs of fishing tackle. This rod which weighs 200 grams in total measures 4″ in diameter and 1″ in depth. In terms of weight to power ratio, this reel is definitely one of the most efficient ones in the fishing tackle market.

All the fishing tackle reels have their own serial number and certificate of authenticity. Solid aluminum bar stock is used to build the body of the reel and it also has a dual bearings system that makes it highly efficient and low maintenance. The handles of this rod can be separated and it also has a radial lever system controlled on/off ratchet. Overall, this reel can best be described as simple, anodized, and highly efficient in water.

This center pin has a quick release spool mechanism which offers great control of the line during the pull. This fishing tackle can carry a hundred yards of 20lb line and 300 yards of 8 lb monofilament line easily and with great control.

The story behind the fishing tackle maker is quite interesting. The first owner of the company is James William Young who was born in Redditch in 1870. It seems like he was specifically born to do the job because his father was also a fishing reel maker. Upon learning the craft, he began innovating on the long established designs which led to the development of the Aerial reel. At the young age of 16, he was able to create the smallest full working model bicycle with over 400 individual hundred handmade parts. Before he created his own shop, he worked as the supervisor for real production of Allcock. The family business was later on joined by two of his sons which started creating different fishing reel models for other fishing reel companies.

The business was left on the hands of his three sons after Young passed away because of a tragic accident. Even though the shop was forced to close at the Second World War, as it is nearing its end, one of the greatest innovations in fishing tackle was made and was called the Ambidex Reel. The company has continuously created some of the best designs for both professional and beginning anglers, making them gain more and more success.

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