The Devil’s Hand Card Game – Huge Discovery on Game Night

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My buds and I have actually been getting involved in playing cards Friday evenings, lately. We used to play poker, however we all are too bad to wager any cash now, so we changed to games like Rummy, Spades, and Crazy Eights. Kinda like a lot olden women, however rather of martinis we consume PBR.

Anyhow, John began whining that Crazy Eights was “too lame” and we were all a lot of pansies, so we had to play something else. And I freakin’ hate board games …

I would sooner quit my left nut than play Monopoly.

So my friend Steve went on Amazon (he’s a pupil and gets cost-free shipping) and looked for some card games. We skipped Uno, this other game called Five Crowns, and all the other stuff we have actually already seen.

He discovered this weird-ass game with freaky looking cards that was like Crazy Eights and “Bullshit” mixed together. I dunno if any of you ever played “Bullshit”, however essentially you attempt to get rid of all of your cards and lie a lot to everyone.

It’s a lot of fun.

So we tried this game, and it actually was like playing those games together. Likewise, the regulations were ridiculous and funny, kinda like Cards Against Humankind (which I actually do like).

Essentially, you play Crazy Eights, however you can legally hide cards, lie to your friends about what you have, encourage people to change suits, and other kinds of shenanigans.

They have a lot of special cards (ala Uno) that make people do things (the usual being Skip, Reverse, Draw 3). But some are different — there’s a routine draw 4, and there’s a wild card that can also stop anything else that people are doing.

You can keep stacking those draw cards on people, and make them draw up to 16 cards. I thought Dan was going to slug me. It was spectacular.

But if you have that wild card? You can stop them, and everything goes to for not. I freakin’ like it.

The very best was that everyone got to call Andy an asshole for the whole Second round ’cause he lost. The regulations told us to, so how can we say no?

We got it on Amazon with the apples+oranges retail store and there was cost-free shipping. It was just $12.95, too. Not so bad for an enjoyable game to enjoy with your bros.

The Devil’s Hand is a game of manipulation.

Yes, there are regulations. Telling the truth is not one of them.

For 2 – 7 grownup players. Two decks.

Easy to discover, however skill separates. Addictive.

Devil’s luck and attempt to stay friends.

Learn more about this at game/

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