The Devil’s Hand Card Game – For Cheating Card Players

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The Devil’s Hand

You’re a real card game player. You take pleasure in winning. You like coming from behind, determining … and afterwards close out the game playing 13 cards in succession beating others down to their last one or two cards.

Much better yet, you deceived them all. You had them thinking you require hearts, when you have spades in your hand. Yes, manipulation. The Devil’s Hand drags out one’s real colors. For you to succeed, you must win the trust of others, as you trick them to succeed.

Our game, The Devil’s Hand, is your game.

We’re not a huge toy business. You will not see us on the cover of Fortune Publication. In reality, you most likely to see us at the edge of the bar, or sitting out on the stoop, playing cards. Yup, the boys from Jersey.

We got no money. Our game does not come in a box. And the two decks of cards, well, we ran into an 80 years of age fella, Harold, who’s stuck with 18,000 decks of cards. You see, Harold used to be in the printing business opportunity. He still is. Due to the fact that he’s stuck to those cards that he printed and never ever got paid for.

So, we decided to assist Harold out. And the cards … they’re different, a collectors series, like our game.

The Devil’s Hand is a game of manipulation.

Yes, there are rules. Leveling is not one of them.

For 2 – 7 adult players. 2 decks.

Easy to discover, however ability separates. Addictive.

Devil’s luck and attempt to remain buddies.

Get yours now at game/

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