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The GS2 Fly Rod from Greys is a model that provides a unique great range for a fishing tackle because of its features which are usually only found on expensive rods in the market at present. This rod provides great range and utility with some of its premium features such as its multi-composite handle, highest-grade cork installation, and proof reel seat.

Moreover, this fishing tackle can be tucked and folded into four pieces so it is very versatile and easy to store and transport. This fishing rod is both effective and stylish because of its Lazer engraved handle log and body with a striking black finish. These features are clear improvements from the Grey’s G-series rods which are its predecessor. The GS2 still has the positive sides of the earlier G-series but it was applied with new technologies to make it a better rod for anglers.

This fishing tackle is often used for fly fishing. This type of fishing involves flinging the bait across and towards a running body of water. Other fish will be attracted to bite on the bait as it mimics the movements of insects and other fish. Despite of the fact that many think this type of exercise is pointless, properly flicking the lure and bait as far as the angler can make a huge different between getting wet and successfully catching a fish.

When assembling this fishing tackle, the rods have line up marks which the user can follow to properly collapse it. A PVC tube and fabric bag are also provided in the package to easily store and transport this rod. Moreover, this fly fishing rod also has a balanced middle tip action that even beginners can easily learn to use. This rod is also designed for action which means that it has the ability to offer a bending curve once the fish has taken the lure. This rod is also highly capable of offering one of the best yielding forces among other rods belonging to its class in the market now.

The capacity of this fishing tackle to do high bending curves is because of its design. The materials of the rod as well as the construction of the tackle works together to provide a high recovery quotient from the full bending curve to the straight relaxed position. The high bending curve is the result of the bending of the middle and tip area of the rod.

This fly fishing tackle, as already mentioned, has corrosion resistant reel seat. This is important to allow proper functioning of the equipment even in the most difficult of conditions, namely ocean fishing in the rain. Saltwater is a known corrosive liquid but the reel seat is capable of handling the fluids with great ease. Another good feature of the GS2 fly fishing rod is that it can be easily matched to different fishing lines because of its single line rating. Greys GS2 Fly Fishing Rod is truly one of the best models of fly fishing tackle in the world because of all these features and its reasonable pricing.

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