Texas Bass Fall for the Scientifically-Designed Reel Keel Lure

August 5, 2013 | By Guest | Filed in: Outdoor Camping.

Texas produces monster bass, and Lake Fork, near Dallas has more than its share. Now, a new fishing lure is striking this excellent bass water – the Reel Keel Headband Series — and it will be a genuine threat to the huge bass hiding in Lake Fork’s huge range of cover.

According to Texas expert fisherman Joe Johnston, the Reel Keel fishing lure is the most one-of-a-kind and flexible hard lure on the marketplace. It offers abilities that let a fisherman replace an entire tackle box tray of baits with one Reel Keel. Created and produced in North America by KIKO Fishing Inc., the Reel Keel is readily available on Amazon.com, where speedy shipping makes it simple to obtain your hands on this outstanding fishing device.

The Reel Keel fishing lure features a full-length nickel plated brass keel that extends past the front and back of the fishing lure body. This keel provides exceptional stability and produces an injured bait fish swimming movement unequaled by other fishing lure. The keel’s weight makes casting simple and provides an all-metal line to hook connection that lets you feel the lightest bumps and handle the heaviest strikes. The fishing lure’s angled front face makes depth control a simple issue of adjusting pole angle and line length, so this plug has no demand for a big front lip that enhances the possibility of snags and decreases realism. The Reel Keel can be fished in any variety of means, from “walking the dog” on top water to bumping over immersed timber, diving through creek channels, or snaking through weeds.

If you are major about bass fishing, click the link below and get a Reel Keel Headband Series bait today. Every bait includes a fulfillment assurance and plenty of great fishing insight from the pros at Kiko Fishing. Make an investment in fishing enjoyment. Tie a Reel Keel on and offer it a try, then get back to us with your fishing tales at the Reel Keel item page on Amazon.com

Fishing Lure stays upright and avoids it from spinning.

Rolls side to side like a live bait fish.

Tail end kicks back and forth like a genuine fish, mimics a live bait fish in its natural environment.

The Keel provides enhanced flash on white belly making it more noticeable to a predator fish.

It dives and swims to multiple levels and you can manage the depth by relocating your pole tip.

It’s the only lure that will “Walk the Dog” underwater.

Find out more at http://www.amazon.com/REEL-KEEL-Headband-Fishing-Fluorescent/dp/B00DMLSNV2/fishing lure/

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