Soccer Drills: Learn The Basics

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Listen to what I say even if you don’t consent. Talking about Soccer drills, the most important thing for the players is to have an understanding of the game for which they should be taught the basics first. This soccer training should always come first in the training schedule before moving on to the more problematical aspects of training or the right approach to play the game.

As a coach, it becomes your responsibility to ensure that players begin with hitting the right chord. For this reason, coach your players on every important soccer skill forming the basis of the game. Let’s discuss some basic skills in the game that are important for every player to understand.

Teaching the dribbling and shooting techniques to the players: Dribbling and shooting cover the two basic techniques in the game of soccer. To become a successful player, these skills have a major role to play in their game. Nonetheless, training these soccer exercises must be arranged for in advance.

Starting from one end of the field put more than a few players over the field and line up all players in a straight line.

Soccer Passing Drills

Afterwards tell them to start. They would cover the field, and get the ball with their foot, and would then make an effort to put the ball in the goal through dribbling it toward the opposite end of the field. Regular practice of these two soccer drills will allow them to master these early in their career.

Passing the ball and following directions: These two soccer skills have the potential to inculcate team spirit in the players. After all, soccer is a team game and it should be evenly dispersed between all the players. The players will find it really difficult to play as a team if they lack good passing skills and fail to understand and follow simple guidelines.

There is a simple drill that can be used to teach them about passing the ball and following directions. At the start, the entire team should form a single line at either end of the field. One team member should be then made to stand in front of the row almost 5-10 feet away.

You’ll signal them to go and the first person in line will attempt to catch the ball from the teammate in the field. When you tell them to stop, the player having the ball should pass it to the first individual in line. With the help of this soccer practice, players will learn to listen and also follow your directions.

Handling the Ball: As a coach, you must train the players on the skill of dealing with the ball with the help of other body parts, excluding their feet. Because of this the players will be more spontaneous in their play while on field. An easy way for players to do it is by practicing to stop the ball with the back or bouncing the ball using knees or the head.

Soccer drills like these help in developing players that become match winners and make their way to learning more difficult components of the game. You can get as much information as you like on all soccer related topics by joining our youth soccer coaching community. So register now!


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