SLINGernator: Rifle Sling Bungee Sling – An Incredible Sling At A Great Price Investment

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If you’re anything like me, I ‘m certain you’ve most likely had a look at some of the gun stores, like Wal-Mart’s, and even online trying to find a bungee sling for your rifle and been rather ticked off at what you found. If it wasn’t a high cost they wanted for it, it was generally a piece of junk.

Exactly what I was kind of suspicious of was ordering online from some of those little/unknown sites, and needing to be concerned with if they were on the up and up. You know, if they would take my charge card information and make various other fees on my card or if they’re website was hacked and I needed to fret about identity fraud.

Since I’m a substantial fan of (I like the rapid shipping plus they have a safe money-back assurance that guarantees that I’m always satisfied with my purchase), I thought I would provide them a try with this and wow did it end up a great decision. Not only was I able to obtain a quality rifle sling at a great cost, however what really thrilled me was the actions they underwent to see to it my bungee sling was not only genuine (not some low-cost knockoff of somebody else’s), that they inspected the sling (and most significantly) the clip to see to it it held my rifle safely. I put good cash into my rifle with scope, laser, and various other unique attachments.

To top it off, when I purchased it the shipping was free of cost (the others I looked at online wanted anywhere from $7-$10).

Perhaps I have simply had bad luck with purchases in the past, however I have really never been so impressed with a little purchase like this in the past. And if you are in the market for a sling for your rifle, then I encourage you to click the link below to order yours now and see for yourself. If you decide to try them out, let me know your ideas. I am certain you will be more than impressed. And by the way, I thought that when they discussed that they sell out fast and frequently (I thought it was simply a trick) it was true. Don’t have to wait longer like I did.

Learn more at Sling/

The SLINGernator keeps your rifle in reach and provides perfect balance whether walking or running.

It is ideal for all rifles with sling swivel or hook and has a strong elastic bungee section.

This bungee sling has an adjustable band to provide a perfect fit, and high density nylon, making it wearable, durable and safe.

You can quickly separate your rifle with the instant quick release clip in less than 1 second.

The SLINGernator has a 30 day money back assurance if it doesn’t perform the way you expect it to, and you get FREE SHIPPING.

And each sling is separately examined for quality, and checked to see that it works securely for you.

Each sling has the unique “SLINGernator” card and it’s separately numbered (no 2 slings have the exact same number), and has a Proof of Authenticity on the back.

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