Send The Bugs Away From Your Camp Site With The Help Of A Water Bag

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Planning for an adventure journey with your family is what you might do every year. When you are arranging for a sleep in the exciting outdoors, you have to think of everything you might need while you are away. You should keep all your Backpacking gear and Outdoor camping supplies, the latter which should include insect repellents. However, when you reach the camp location, you can’t help but think what else you should do to keep these troublesome insects away. No matter which insect repellents you purchase, those insects find a way to arrive at the campsite and spoil your whole your vacation. Before you get even more annoyed, here’s a solution. What you can do is swing a plastic bag filled with water around your campsite, and it’s that easy to send them away!

The major science behind the insects keeping away is refraction. Refraction is the bending of light when it moves from one medium to the other (air and water in this case). The refraction of light causes insects to have more than one vision which creates confusion for the insects and ultimately, they experience more than one dimension at once. For this occurrence, light is necessary. When you are at a camp location at night, a light bulb can serve this purpose. Likewise, the campfire might also be a great light source.

So as to make such an insect repellent, there are some steps to follow:

• Initially take a plastic bag and add water in it. Ensure that this bag is capable of holding the pressure of the water when it is swinging. The water is the medium that will make the high optic flow for the insects. High optic flow areas are the danger zones for ticks as this elevates their likelihood to collide. Thus, they will keep away.

• To bring more reflection in your plastic bag, include a few pennies. Ensure that they are sparkly. The more sparkly they are the more light they will reflect and the more will the optic flow be. Thus, insects will have a hard time. You may also like to bring more than one coin. However, do not include so many that the plastic bag becomes unable to hold them.

• Now seal the bag and tie it with a bit of cord that is some feet in length. Ensure that this string is sufficiently durable to hold the water filled plastic bag when it is swinging.

• Hang the bag around the location where bugs are bothering you. The existence of light in this site is the key. Along with that, if there is air around the location, you can rest assured that things will go your way. This is because breeze will make the bag swing in air, thereby increasing the extent of the danger area.

• Finally, what you can do is follow the aftermath. Take a close look at the population of the insects and figure out whether your repellent has affected them. If you have been effective, swinging more than one water bag is also going to help.

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