Secrets For Tenting And Backpacking In The Winter Months

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Backpacking along with camping may seem to be springtime, summer, and fall recreation. The weather is comfortable, the woods are full of life, and you simply do not have to bring as many pieces of apparel. Nevertheless, there’s a lot of benefits to hiking and camping during the winter.

First of all, you do not have to worry about bugs, insects, and venomous snakes assaulting you in the winter season. Additionally, the trails are normally much easier to navigate. This is because most of the growth that was covering them throughout the summer season no longer around.

People must however, understand that wintertime recreation differs from summer and there is going to be additional things you need to bring. In the following paragraphs I’ll take a look at many of the things you really should consider bringing on your winter time hiking and camping excursion.

To begin with, you will have to look into trading in your 3 season tents for 4 season tents. Four season tents are significantly warmer and will stop you from freezing at night. Combine these extra warm tents with a heavy duty sleeping bag and you will have no difficulty staying warm while you sleep at night.

One more item you will need to get is a product to warm up your drinking water with. Depending on how chilly the weather becomes, you might find that a whole lot of your drinking water is freezing on you. Even though you may not feel as though you need as much drinking water throughout the winter, this couldn’t be further from the truth. You will wish to take in as much water during the winter as you do in the summertime.

Extra clothing is a must for just about any winter time backpacking excursion. You are going to need to stay warm by utilizing thick socks, face masks, neck protection, and gloves. Additionally be sure to bring a couple of sun glasses to keep you from getting sun or snow blindness. A good pair of water resistant footwear or gaiters can go quite a distance in helping to keep your feet warm during long treks.

Other things to consider are lip balm and tanning lotion. Becoming sun burned is much worse during the winter compared to in the summer. The main reason for this is that a harmful sun burn can damage your skin consequently making you a lot more susceptible to acquiring frost burn. Lip balm will help defend your mouth from the severe wind and cold.

Thanks so much for reading my article on wintertime hiking and camping. Be sure to take a look at 4 season tents and other warm gear and you will have a tremendous amount of enjoyment.

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