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There is no doubt that Australia has the best seafood shops in the world. Every single shop provides a wide range of seafood that is mouthwatering even on the display. One can also find several different cuisines in this country like French, Italian, Asian and Mediterranean. So, you can easily find a great range of seafood dishes to match your taste. In fact, in Australia, you will also find a cafe; or restaurant adjoining to a fresh seafood shop; where you will be able to enjoy the “catch of the day” prepared as per your choice or simply take pleasure in a platter of lobster, oysters, mussels and crayfish. “Fish and chips” is considered the most well-liked fish food in Australia – the fish is deep-fried and dished up with chips on the both sides.

You can select any type of fish you want from a seafood market and be confident that you are getting the finest and healthiest food. Given that seafood is seasonal, you may find a large range of fish based on the season whenever you visit your local fish shop. However, you can also find various types of seafood that are available all year long like, mussels, prawns and rock lobster. You can take the advantage of the store assistant’s information if you select a seafood shop with a great reputation. They will suggest you what sort of seafood you should use for preparing different meals and what is the right method of preparing different seafood. A great seafood shop will go a step ahead and cut the seafood for you also. And then you need to simply flip the fish in the pan and wait for it to be cooked to perfection. Seafood can be prepared easily and quickly at home.

Besides fresh fish, you will also find several condiments and sauces at a seafood shop that can help to improve the flavour of the already scrumptious seafood. These condiments can be a wonderful treat for the ardent lovers of seafood. Seafood can be made in several unique ways that vary from remarkably simple methods to the more complex ones. Regardless of what recipe you select, the seafood should be of good quality.

The majority of seafood shop owners in Australia are well-acquainted with the endangered sea species therefore; they work directly with fisheries to protect the population of sea lives within their marine ecological system. Furthermore, they avoid selling products that are sourced unsustainably from over-fished stocks or from bad aqua-culture practices or by dangerous fishing techniques. And, to guarantee their sustainable fresh seafood range, they trace all the products to their places of origin.

The foremost step involved in finding sustainable seafood is to start shopping for fresh fish at the local seafood market. Mostly fresh fish are caught locally so, you can have the chance of speaking to the shop owner directly about the source of the produce. By befriending your neighborhood seafood shop, you can always enjoy the finest seafood.

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