Sea Fishing Tackle Made of Woven Carbon Fabric

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Despite of the fact that carp rods are not usually used as a sea fishing tackle, this is not necessarily always the case. The TE Carp rod manufactured by Torrix industries is an example of a versatile fishing rod that can both be used whether it is in salt and fresh water.

These rods are developed in Liverpool, UK, which is considered as the industrial center of the country . Made of woven fabric, this fishing tackle is composed of different high modulus and high strength carbons. A perfect balance of these materials is created during the designing process, giving way to a high quality fishing tackle. This rod comes with two special fibers that are woven into its tip and butt which provides counter weight and also improves the rod’s casting ability when it is used on running rapids and high waves.

The other features of this flexible sea fishing tackle are the Fuji SIC rings and Fuji DNPS 20 which it uses. The rod’s short butt equipped with shrink rubber wrapping also offers users better handlig when they use the rod during wet conditions. This rod provides versatile low, high, and middle modulus action because of the combination of fibers on the rod’s body and it is also very stable and offers great recoil when used in deep waters. The 1k woven fabric finish at the butt as well as the tip section also makes the rod more sensitive and also provides better balance during the fishing trip.

The Torrix TE Carp Rod works best with a 3.5 ounce caster, as it makes long lines with ideal resistance and reeling. The high strength fibers on this fishing rod are placed on the strong but not so stretched areas of the rod while the high modulus fibers are located on the less strong and less stretched portions of the rod. The balance of the two fibers on the rod’s design is achieved through the use of the compression tension balance technology of Torrix. This new sea fishing tackle was created by integrating English craftsmanship with Asian engineering technology.

The Torrix line was created in 1989 under the aegis of Harrison Advanced Rods. Now, this sea fishing tackle is not only marketed in the United Kingdom but also throughout the world. The weight classifications of this rod come in 12’2 ¾ lbs, 12’3 ¼ lbs, 12’3 ½ lbs which can be bought depending on the needs and preference of the angler. The most popular weight of this rod, however, is the 12’3 1/4 due to its low weight ratio and fast action.

If you are planning to go angling for carp or other types of robust fish, one of the best sea fishing tackle to utlize is the TE Carp Rod from Torrix. The great construction of this fishing rod makes it truly versatile as well as stable be it in fresh water or salt water. By using one, you angling performance can improve a lot to the point that the probability of you having mistakes is even lessened. With the help of this fishing reel and rod, taking home the best catch is a piece of cake.

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