Review Of The Keiser M3 Spinner – Outstanding Technology

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Keiser has been a leader in the exercise business for the last 3 decades. Our Keiser M3 Review summary detailed below recognizes this piece of kit as exceptional engineering; its design stands out from its competitors across the industry.

The M3 has been designed to ensure that the user has a smooth and quiet ride. As with all resistance based fitness equipment the M3 allows users to gradually build their level of fitness by increasing the level of resistance thus making exercise progressively more challenging. The M3 has been designed with your comfort and needs in mind. It’s resistance system is based on safe, silent magnets. The M3 also features a built in computer and display system that allows the user to track the distance travelled, calories burned and average speed.

Equipped with adjustable Shimano combo pedals, Keiser M3 indoor cycle has many appreciable features. Its seat is quite comfortable and can be put into any one of four positions. The handlebars are fully adjustable for you comfort. A place easily accessible is the resistance shifter, the level of which can be changed easily and done even on the move. They have a resistance system that will not wear out over time. Ideal for home fitness, the M3 is designed to be used without producing a large quantity of noise making the ride noiseless.

The M3 cycle doesn’t put stress and strain on your joints like exercising with weights does. An indoor bike lets you get your cardio exercise without risking injury of any sort. With the ability to adjust to fit a specific person, the M3 is suitable for most people’s body size.

Keiser trusts the product and the M3 is user friendly. They believe that during its use it will remain maintenance free and all that will be needed is a wipe down after use. Believing that the indoor cycle will never need a repair, they interestingly offer a three year warranty on the MP3, without really including the labor. The high level of technology found in this equipment exemplifies one reason Keiser is above other manufacturers of exercise machines. Keiser Spinning Bikes wise, one cannot find a more highly respected model than this one.

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