Reel Keel Solid Series: The Scientifically Designed Fishing Lure

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Texas professional fisherman Joe Johnston calls the Reel Keel fishing lure “the most special and functional hard lure on the marketplace.” This is one lure that can be used in all seasons and conditions to out-fish other popular lures 6 to 1. Canadian business KIKO Fishing Inc. is now making the Reel Keel fishing lure available through so fishermen all over can benefit from Amazon’s quick shipping and 100 % satisfaction guarantee.

The secret of the Reel Keel lure is a full-length embedded keel that interacts with a lipless tilted face to give the lure a life-like swim and roll motion unlike that produced by any other lure. The weight of the nickel plated brass keel makes it easy to cast the Reel Keel lure, while the metal connection in between line and hook offers a “feel” that can not be duplicated by the plastic or wood body common of many lures. The keel stabilizes the lure from spin-out at any speed, while the bright nickel finish produces flashes that drive aggressive strikes from waiting predator fish. The Reel Keel lure can be used as a top-water bait, and is particularly matched to “walk the dog” techniques. It can likewise be fished at different depths merely by readjusting the rod angle and the quantity of line out.

All Reel Keel lure parts are sourced from America and Canada to make this lure a genuine North American item and high-grade piece of fishing take on. Add the Reel Keel Solid Series lure to your take on box before your next fishing expedition. Just click the link below to step up to the next level in fishing excellence. Then make sure to come back to the Reel Keel item page and let us understand how you did. Best of luck!

Fishing Lure stays upright and prevents it from spinning. Rolls side to side like a live bait fish.

Tail end settles back and forth like a genuine fish, mimics a live bait fish in its natural environment.

The Keel provides superior flash on white belly making it more noticeable to a predator fish.

It dives and swims to several levels and you can regulate the depth by relocating your rod tip.

It’s the only lure that will “Walk the Dog” undersea.

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