Personal Water Filter Straw for Wilderness Outdoor Camping, Emergency & Survival Packs

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I originally bought a few of these filter straws to put into my prepper materials for emergencies or disasters, hoping naturally that I would never ever require one. I stuck a number of them in my bug out bag I keep in my vehicle. I never ever truly figured I ‘d ever utilize it but thought it was just merely great insurance. Well, basically I had forgotten about it.

Then one time a pal of mine and I went off-roading in the foothills and broke an axle on my Jeep. We were stuck without normal camping equipment and without access to cell towers to obtain assistance. The only method we were getting out of there was to hoof it out.

The trip out took about 40 hours. That might have been truly bad other than for my bug out bag. We had a bit of food and I had my filter straws. While we only passed one stream on the way out, there were lots of spots where water had pooled to obtain swigs of water from. The only problem was, that water was extremely suspicious.

However my friend and I simply sipped water when we needed to, making use of the individual filter straws and because I’m composing this, we clearly endured the ordeal.

I am a big Amazon fan so I had gotten mine from Amazon. They came well packaged and the use and care information was clear. Amazon likewise offers an excellent return policy that if anything had failed with the order I could have returned it. I was really happy I got them, a bit of on a whim at the time, but it became a very really wise call on my part.

This item is light and easy to utilize, does not take up a lot of room, and will allow you and your family to obtain water in really bad times if required like I did. It has a nice pouch to put the straw filter into after use. It likewise includes a device to clean out the unit after you’ve used it which will help extend its beneficial life.

Here is a bit more info on this products specifications:

Learn more at Straw/

The best ways to Filter 99.9999 % of water pollutants And Consume Any Kind of Bad Water!

When you are least prepared for a problem you can be stuck without access to clean water & you will be happy you were prepared.

Characteristic & Advantages
* Ultra Light Weight & Simple to Hold
* Greatest filtering capacity of all filter straws
* Easy Back-Flush Cleaning to Extend Filter Use
* Use & Care Recommendations Included with Package
* Includes a Waterproof Carry Pouch
* Perfect for Outdoor camping, Emergency, Survival or Mission Trips!

Our powerful advantage is using Iodinated Resin to cleanse your water. Our Proprietary Modern technology safeguards your family from water borne ailments. The filter does not depend on simply the filtering down to micron levels, the Iodinated Resin really gets rid of the bacteria.

An additional huge advantage is the enclosed back-flush kit which utilizes water flow from a tap. This clears out the micro sized pores to allow the filter to continue working. You can likewise blow back with the straw to flush it out.

Additional Attributes
* EPA Approved Iodinated Resin (Proprietary Modern technology).
* Ionic Absorption Micron Filters cleanse to 2 microns.
* Effective Filtering Capacity: 200+ gals of Inorganic & Organic particles in clear water, 25+ gals in turbid or rancid water.
* Made in USA & Certified by over 300 laboratories in different countries.
* Exceeds EPA/NSF/ANSI Criteria (Requirement 42 & 53) FDA Food Grade BPA Free Plastic.
* Made to ISO 10,000 standards.

Your Quality Guarantee – The ONLY Filter Straw Backed by Lifetime No-Hassle Replacement Warranty!

To protect your loved ones order your Advanced Personal Filter Straw Now!

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