Parka System from Northern Outfitters Can’t Be Beat

January 29, 2010 | By Guest | Filed in: Outdoor Camping.

Northern Outfitters makes the world’s warmest men’s parka, women’s parka, snow pants, winter boots and other extreme cold weather clothing.

One lucky customer wrote, “Your gear held up superbly on my most recent sled dog trip. On our way back, we got on thin ice and I slid headlong onto two feet of water. The temperature was -10° F and windy. I felt a gush of ice water through my boots and pants while wading in the water to ��˜unbundle’ the dogs. My boot shells and pants froze solid … However, almost miraculously, my feet and legs remained warm, although damp. We kept going and I wore my boots and pants for nine more hours. This stuff really works!”

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