Nipple Chafing Protection for Runners (10) Sets

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As any hardcore long distance runner will tell you there are many assorted nagging injuries and disorders that they are afflicted with at any given time. These can be shin splints, heel spurs, stress fractures, muscle sprains and strains and dehydration merely to name a few. None more aggravating and distracting than raw, bleeding nipples induced by consistent friction with apparel.

Regular bandages do not function properly due to the fact that they just weren't created for use as nipple protection or to prevent nipple irritability. Nipple covers are specially made to prevent nipple inflammation, nipple abrasion and nipple bleeding and are the very best way to go for the avid long distance runner. Specially made nipplecovers are round and made with self adhesive all the way around so your garments won't snag and take them off. The nipple protectors are smooth and seamless and can easily be used with any type of apparel. For the ladies, these nipplecovers additionally can be found in heart shaped and flower shaped and are great for sheer garments, night wear, halter tops or if you merely do not feel like putting on a bra.

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10 pairs of round formed self glue marathoners nipplecovers.
20 nipplecovers that are water-proof, non-toxic and non irritating.
Put on nipple covers while running to stop nipple abrasion and nipple bleeding or irritation.
Put on under all garments which will offer a hassle-free look under any sort of sort of garments consisting of tank bests, slim textiles, swim matches, evening gowns and additional.
Made use of by males and females.
Some women have huge or protruding nipples, this is the perfect product for any sort of sort of garments that you don’t wish to use a bra on.
Nipple abrasion and bleeding while running may be avoided using these unique self glue nipplecovers.
They are Easy to Apply-non-irriating non-toxic disposable nipple covers.

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