Moonlight Walleye Hit the Reel Keel Tiger Series Lure

August 6, 2013 | By Guest | Filed in: Outdoor Camping.

Big walleye and various other night-feeding fish are succumbing to the bold black-on-fluorescent color scheme and special “hurt baitfish” swimming movement of the new Reel Keel Tiger Series fishing lures. If you are among those fishermen who love slow-trolling small plugs for evening time walleye, you have to attempt the Reel Keel fishing lure.

KIKO Fishing Inc. is now making the Reel Keel fishing lure available on so fishermen can take advantage of Amazon’s hassle-free, fast, and protected shipping to get their hands on this impressive fishing lure. This is the only fishing fishing lure with a full-length metal keel that collaborates with a lipless tilted face to produce strong side-to-side swimming movements rather than the brief pulsations produced by most plugs. The Reel Keel mimics the unpredictable swimming motion of an injured bait fish and produces deep, pulsing vibrations that let searching walleye sense the bait before they see it. The rolling motion of the lure produces flash off the bright nickel keel and gloss white belly patch of the lure, bringing on hard| strikes from predators waiting below.

Make an investment in fishing enjoyment – click the link below to put a Reel Keel fishing lure in your tackle box now. Every Reel Keel Tiger Series Lure includes a 100 % satisfaction guarantee and a wealth of fishing tips and tricks from the Reel Keel Group at KIKO Fishing. Take a Reel Keel along on your next fishing trip, then come back and let us understand how you did. See you on the water!

Fishing Lure stays upright and prevents it from spinning. Rolls side to side like a live bait fish.
Tail end kicks back and forth like a real fish, mimics a live bait fish in its natural environment.
The Keel offers enhanced flash on white belly making it more noticeable to a predator fish.
It dives and swims to several levels and you can control the depth by moving your pole tip.
It’s the only fishing lure that will “Walk the Dog” underwater.

It’s Virtually Like Cheating

Find out more at lure/

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