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December 8, 2008 | By Guest | Filed in: Outdoor Camping.

It’s fun to go away for a few days out of town under a tent. There is nothing to beat breathing fresh air and eating outdoors, surrounded by beautiful scenery. Of course, possessing the perfect camping supplies and equipment makes the experience all the more pleasant.

The basics needs to be the right one. Tents differ in price and size, from the simple one-man variety to large family tents. It’s essential to choose one that suits the terrain and climate of the destination. Some tents are only designed for summer weather and any winter camping will necessitate a 4-season one. Most persons prefer to buy some kind of air mattress to sleep on. It cushions against the ground and offers insulation too. These are sold in single, double and king size with pillows and pumps that may be charged up from a car battery.

A quality sleeping bag will give you a sound night’s sleep. Again, depending on weather conditions, there are various material available. Children could have their own junior size versions. A good item to put on the camping supplies list ia a lantern or flashlight with spare batteries. Protected dining areas give extra space and make camping more comfy. Plastic chair and table sets are easy to keep clean and will last for years. There are portable stoves, Dutch ovens and barbecues, kettles and sets of durable pans and dishes. Food, wine and beer can be kept cool in cool boxes or mini refrigerators.

For campers who would like to take a break from cooking, camping equipment can include pre-prepared meals to which you only need to add water. There is a good range that includes curries, chilies, meatballs and pasta and some delicious puddings. Screens will give shield from interested insects and windbreaks will provide shelter from the elements. The most efficient way to transport water from the campsite’s water supply is by using water carriers.

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