Its The Time Of The Time Of Year For Camping So Be Well Prepared

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Although its most certainly not always the time of the season for loving, you can rest assured that it is always the time of the season for camping. High quality 4 season tents ensure that one can always go camping no matter what the weather is saying. Many people are so scared of freezing to death that they only ever go camping during the warm months of the year. Sadly, there are many reasons why one wouldn’t want to go camping during warm times of the year.

To begin with, bugs abound during warm weather days. While you might not get frost bite in the summer, you might get Lyme disease, West Nile, or Malaria. Additionally, poisonous plants are all over the place in June. Trust me, you can’t enjoy your vacation when your body is riddled with the effects of Poison Ivy or Poison Oak, and don’t even get me started on allergies. On top of all this, you also have to worry about dangerous animals. Bears love to hibernate in the winter. Most bears won’t even bother waking up to check on humans when they are busy hibernating in the winter. However, these same bears are out foraging for food all spring, fall, and summer. Cross a bear that has kids and you’ll wish you never went camping at all.

Most people will recognize that winter weather camping is much different than summer weather camping. In the winter you don’t have to worry about bugs or plants. The only plants still living in the winter are dormant or are waiting for you to cut them down for Christmas. You’ll also notice that bugs just aren’t around when its cold out. I’ve never had to do a tick check after playing in the snow, and you probably haven’t had to either.

Of course the cold months do have their drawbacks as well. For starters, you have to worry about freezing to death. However, this can easily be accommodated for. Take a look at the winter weather sleeping bags, the 4 season tents, and the gloves and mittens at your local camping store and you’ll have everything you need.

Most folks will have to consume more food when winter camping. People burn many more calories when they are trying to stay warm versus trying to cool down. This being said, most of us eat too much anyway, so the extra calories burned will be a welcome addition to the trip.

Locating clean drinking water can also be tough during the winter months. Water is the most important item to think about when camping. While you might not think so, water is just as important in the winter as it is in the summer. Getting clean drinking water in the winter while camping only takes a few preparations. It should be obvious that getting water from a frozen river will be difficult, if not impossible.

In order to get clean drinking water on your winter camping trip, you might want to consider taking an ice pick on your trip or a pot to boil snow in. If you break through the ice with an ice pick, you’re bound to get to the sweet tasting water directly beneath it.

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