It Requires More than Ability to Be a Excellent Golf Trainer

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So you think you want to coach golf to youthful or novice golfers. Nearly all golf teachers will let you know they love what they are doing, however that is because golf teachers who do not love what they are doing are not, or shouldn’t be golf teachers for long. It certainly takes skill, knowledge and experience to teach the sport properly. But it in addition takes patience and a passion for the game. You must tackle your craft using enthusiasm and energy, as well as a legitimate ability to like people despite all their inconsistencies and faults.

Knowing the concepts in every area of the game will be vital. There are varying approaches to arrive at the identical point, and it will be up to the high-quality instructor to find the course that each particular student may follow that is best for them. That demands understanding different approaches to accomplish the same thing, instead of a narrow, one-way fits all approach. Knowing alternative ways for getting the same thing accomplished, such as varying ways on how to improve putting, is something the golf instructor must be able to do that a regular player doesn’t need to concern himself with.

After that you have to possess the “people skills”. There is the story of Lee Trevino, before he made it as a tour professional, had been eking out a living giving lessons, along with of course hustling (but that is another story). In getting exasperated with a golfer who had been having problems, he advised his student to sell his golf clubs and quit the sport forever. Obviously he was a great player but not a great instructor.

Patience is a prerequisite for any teaching job, and it has to go exceptionally deep. When you are attempting to teach a skill to someone that has absolutely no skill (and probably never will), when you care about them getting something from the sessions there are going to be frustrations. Having the wisdom to understand what the learner will be capable of achieving and trying to accomplish that, and doing it with a cheerful attitude will take a special person.

The final point I wish to talk about will be keeping a high level of energy. Your student might show up on the golf course devoid of a great deal energy, and although it can be frustrating if they are not able to do the task, the golf instructor has to be prepared. Remember back in school when a instructor would walk into the room prior to class looking as though he were hung-over? It immediately sent a signal to everyone inside the class that nothing was going to get accomplished that day. Being able to be enthusiastic about how we could make golf superior, and then inspire enthusiasm with your student will be one of the foundation blocks to teaching.

Being a golf teacher might sound like an enjoyable occupation, and it can be. But it requires a special kind of person. There is an expression that says: Those who can: Do and those who can’t: teach. But the best teachers must have some capability to “do”, as well as lots of other abilities that the “doers” of the world don’t have to concern themselves with.

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