It Is The Time Of The Time Of Year For Camping Out So Prepare Yourself

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It might not always be the time of the season for loving, but it can always be the time of the season for camping. High quality 4 season tents ensure that one can always go camping no matter what the weather is saying. Many people are so scared of freezing to death that they only ever go camping during the warm months of the year. Sadly, there are many reasons why one wouldn’t want to go camping during warm times of the year.

For starters, summer camping is full of disease carrying bugs. Even though frost bite is not a concern in a Pennsylvania June, West Nile virus and Lyme disease certainly are. Additionally, poisonous plants are all over the place in June. Trust me, you can’t enjoy your vacation when your body is riddled with the effects of Poison Ivy or Poison Oak, and don’t even get me started on allergies. Dangerous animals are also a concern during winter. In the winter, bears will crawl into a hole or a cave and go to sleep. You can walk through an entire forest in the winter months without ever coming across a bear. Conversely, bears are out in great force during the warmer periods of the year. A bear with newborns in tow can be very dangerous to even the toughest campers on the planet.

Most people will recognize that winter weather camping is much different than summer weather camping. In the winter you don’t have to worry about bugs or plants. The only plants still living in the winter are dormant or are waiting for you to cut them down for Christmas. Bugs are also non-existent in the snowy months of winter. I’ve never had to do a tick check after playing in the snow, and you probably haven’t had to either.

Of course the cold months do have their drawbacks as well. For starters, you have to worry about freezing to death. However, this can easily be accommodated for. All you will need to beat the cold is a good selection of 4 season tents, a warm sleeping bag, and appropriate clothing.

Most folks will have to consume more food when winter camping. When folks are trying to keep warm their bodies naturally burn more calories. Nevertheless, burning some extra calories will only benefit most of the people reading this.

Another issue can be finding clean water to drink. We all know that water is essential to all life on earth. Even in the winter, we need to drink lots of water to stay healthy. Taking care of this issue just requires some extra thought. It should be obvious that getting water from a frozen river will be difficult, if not impossible.

In order to get clean drinking water on your winter camping trip, you might want to consider taking an ice pick on your trip or a pot to boil snow in. Attack the ice with your pick and make it yield the clean drinking water over to you.

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