Improving Vertical Leap – Wise Training Tips

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Turning a vertical lap that lacks awesomeness into something that you like to display and can be proud of needs to be a goal–especially when you want to get noticed on the court. It is important that you don’t let yourself get completely enmeshed in a rut when you are training. So many individuals find one or two specific exercises they enjoy doing and then simply ignore everything else they are supposed to do. All this does is slow down your progress. If you want to increase your range of performance you need to make sure that there is variety in your workout. If you’re hoping that some examples will help you better understand what we’re trying to tell you, here are a few things that should help you increase your vertical leap.

Anybody that has done track and field in college or high school has probably heard of fast and slow twitch muscles at one time or another. Anyone that does sprinting will develop fast twitch muscles. On the other hand, long-distance runners develop slow twitch muscles. In regard to high vertical leaping, you need to develop fast twitch muscles in your calves and legs. As a general rule, you don’t want to touch your back end to your calves when squatting with lighter weights. By doing this, you can actually overstrain your knees which is not good. You basically want to go down to about 60%, then come up to a standing position to complete one repetition. Each time that you spring up, make sure that you are in complete control. This will help you develop your fast twitch muscles. This type of jumping is fast and furious. Watch people do this type of jumping. You will see what we mean. With that in mind, you should realize that you should train your leg muscles for these types of movements. There are many methods for conditioning the legs for that type of energy burst. It is possible to train your muscles using lighter weights with high intensity squats on a regular basis. You can do high intensity short sprints. This will also replicate fast outputs of energy. By working your body and legs in this manner, you can develop the ability to explosively leap into the air anytime you want.

A terrific way to build your rebounding ability and also work on your fast twitch muscle response is to do box jumping. It is a very simple thing to do. Locate a box that will not collapse with your weight, and jump on it, off of it, and then back up on the box repeatedly.

Naturally, the higher the box the more difficult it will be. When you start out, make sure the difficulty level is not too high. It should be easy to jump on the box, and off of it. All you will do is jump off the box and as soon as you land on the floor or ground you immediately jump on to the box. Stretching your legs, and warming up, prior to this exercise, is something you should always do anytime you work out.

Increasing vertical leaping is something that most people can do, and there is some preparation that must happen before you start. The way you do that is with a thorough and smart stretching program. It is important that you do stretching because, even if you are young, eventually, you’re going to be stiff.

To avoid the potential of getting injured, this is something you always wanted to do.

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