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Basketball players should work on increasing vertical leap strategies, whether they are playing, or they are taking a little time off. There are many components that go into this type of training, especially if it is to be effective. You can get your work out by simply going to the court and playing the game everyday. There is actually much more to think about than you would imagine.

If you want to make your training serve you, giving you a vertical leaping ability that you have never had before, keep reading.

To make your vertical leap as high as possible, you need to coordinate your leg muscles, specifically your calf muscles, if you want to jump high.

Just before you leave the ground, it is your calf muscles that give you that last minute lift. There are many ways to work your calf muscles in order to get them strong enough to do this. Building your calf muscles has to do with a lot more than just exercising everyday. An excellent strength builder to try with your calves are to do calf raises which work very well when done regularly. One more important point is your calves need to have a very good range of motion with strength throughout that range.

A stretching routine that you should do,called a quad stretch, can help loosen up your quads and knees. You can hold onto something, or do it standing free and clear – it is up to you. If you have ever played sports in school, you have done this before. Just pull a leg up, reach back with the same side hand, and grab your foot securely. So they keep pulling back toward your back as if you were trying to touch it with your foot or leg. To minimize risk of injury, keep the knee close to the leg you are standing on at all times. You will feel the stretch in your quad and your knee. Just make sure that you go slow, and do not overdo anything while stretching.

If you want to work on your fast twitch muscle response, as well as your rebounding ability, doing box jumping can help. You simply need something to jump off of, and then you need to jump back on it. It’s really easy to do!

Naturally, the higher the box the more difficult it will be. And this has to be a box that you are able to jump onto without much difficulty. The exercises actually very straightforward. It simply requires you to leap off of the box, and then jump back onto it the moment that you land on the floor.

Be sure you warm up and do some stretching of your legs before you begin this training exercise.

We’ve all seen players who don’t seem to have any trouble achieving high vertical leaps. Yes, some people have this ability naturally but try to remember that they are the exception not the rule. If you don’t have this natural ability try to accept that and, instead, work hard at using the various techniques you’ve learned for improvement. You can get past this by working hard to improve yourself so that you will be better than you are now.

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