Important Items To Take Along For A Great Houseboat Vacation

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Dwelling on a houseboat or perhaps even staying for a week-long holiday cruise is something to look forward to. And to make your houseboat trip even more remarkable, here are a few of the things that you should never overlook.

1. Clean and drinkable water- Typically, houseboat rental companies provide water in containers that could be used for flushing toilets, showering and even cleaning up the dishes- but when it comes to drinking water, it is a lot safer to opt for bottled waters. Keep in mind to recycle your mineral water bottles. A lot of ports offer water recycling stations that offer safe drinking water.

2. More toilet roll and wipes – Always make sure that you are notified about the holding capacity of the boat. Consider the number of individuals who will utilize the facilities and how much longer you’re planning stay. If you’re travelling with the whole family and some friends, the boat may not be able to accommodate everyone in case two or more people need to use the bathroom at once. It is much better to become prepared than be sorry at the end. There are a lot of facilities and washrooms for tourists at the Murray River area that can match one’s own home. All you need is an extra pack of toilet tissue.

3. Bring a book – When having a houseboat cruise, make certain to disassociate yourself from anything that concerns work or whatever it is that strains you out. Resist the urge of checking your emails, but rather, get a book and indulge in the calmness that only calm waters can bring. It’s the perfect time to sit back, relax and be one with nature

4. Bring sun screen lotion and a hat – Being on a cruise also means you are more exposed to the sun’s harsh heat. So, bring a hat and sunscreen lotion to avoid dealing with nasty sunburns that might possibly spoil your vacation.

5. Groceries and ice – Yes, you’re not going to travel around the sea but you will need to have lots of food to keep from going to a marina or town every day to refill. Plan out your meals for the whole vacation. If you’re not quite confident on what to take, you can request the rental company to take care of the provisioning of the boat for you. Just see to it to advise them about your food preferences or if someone in your group have particular food allergies.

6. Beach towels, inflatable rafts and life vests – Being on a river or lake makes you want to go swimming. And you should, provided that you are properly equipped to go out for a swim. It is essential to ready your swimming clothes, water toys for the children and personal flotation devices. Never forget to make safety your number one concern and make sure that someone is keeping an eye on everyone on the water.

7. Camera and binoculars – Taking a houseboat tour would undoubtedly give memories that you’ll want to seize and recall every now and then. It can also be a great experience to spot birds and indigenous wildlife by the use of binoculars.

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