How You Increase Your Aim And Shot Percentage With A Angled Foregrip On My Rifle

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I’ve never been much of a shooter that sticks a bunch of toys on their guns. I always thought it was a fad to mount these things, till my friend and I was out shooting. I served in the military shooting M16’s and various other weapons, however never ever given a fore grip, well my friend Mike was given a fore grip when he served in the military. Mike stated because he began utilizing a fore grip in the military he would never ever return to not using a fore grip.

I tried out Mike’s AR to see how a vertical grip might assist me out, I was skeptical at first. So I put one on and I see where he is coming from. I can hold the stock tighter in my shoulder because my hand is vertical and not horizontal. I can pull the rifle in tight and have a solid sight picture when shooting, this thing makes quick hits that far more fun.

Mike is the one who turned me on to this brand. I like the method it folds up so I can put in the safe or carrying case and I do not have to purchase another gun case. It fits well on my AR however you have to see to it it doesn’t disrupt your magazine. I put in on a AK to check it and you have to see to it the position of the angled foregrip due to the curved magazine of the ak.

This vertical foregrip by Aspen Ridge held up excellent after firing over a hundred rounds thru my rifle. There is the benefit of having the ability to store batteries in the foregrip. Speaking of the , it isn’t oversized like the various other angled foregrip I saw, it would feel excellent in small hands.

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-Increases Your Hits On Target
-Preserves a Steady Hold On Your Rifle
-Holds Up To Heavy Usage

Ergonomic Solid Mount that will increase control, stability of your sight picture.

The Vertical Foregrip by Aspen Ridge Sports is a well built foregrip that will offer you years of dependability on your rifle.

The Tactical Vertical Forgrip is built of strong Polymer composite product
design to handle the abuse anticipated of any modern sporting rifle. This foregrip was made to handle the shock from shooting hundreds of rounds and still be mounted securely on you rifle or shotgun while increasing the health of your wrist from the position of the Foregrip

-Ergonomic Handle that offers a comfortable grip to steady you rifle
-Storage Area that stores extra batteries to support flashlights or Red Dot Scope
-Pressure Switch Location to mount your switch so you can activate your light or laser without taking your hand of the Foregrip During Use.
-With a Foregrip your hand will always be in the same position vs. a typical rifle forend.

The Only Foregrip Backed By A 5 Year No-Hassle Free Replacement Guarantee
-Finest Tactical Foregrip To Keep a Steady Hold
-Solid Composite Construction
-Holds Up To Heavy Use
-Comfortable Grip
-Storage Area

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