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Cattail are a common occurrence in several North American environments, most especially occurring in or around ponds, and initially seeming fairly innocent. At first you may notice one of these plants and think nothing of it. You may just believe the same thing the following day, and the day after that, and maybe several days following that, till that one day that you peer out the window, and the entire pond is taken over to the point where you need an air-boat to get through it as if you were living in the everglades.

So, now that you’ve been invaded by the evil army of the cattail, what sort of counterattack can you do? Will you rally your troops and run in with guns (or pesticides) firing at will? Or will you opt guerrilla tactics? That is completely for you to decide, because regardless of what technique you choose, those cattails aren’t sentient, therefore they won’t notice you coming, meaning that you will always have the element of surprise. This additionally entails that you could probably take off the camouflage and take the paint off of your face. Those binoculars and gas mask probably won’t be required either.

The options at your disposal are not few for cattail removal, and naturally, since the pond belongs to you (unless for an unknown purpose you have set out to attack the next door neighbor’s pond), you’re free to pick any of the following methods:

Physical Removal – You are naturally, free to attempt pulling those cattails yourself. But if you do this, attempt to get to them when they are young, lest they gain strong roots and become extremely difficult to pull. This would additionally turn into a huge chore, because around the time that you start pulling them, odds are they have already taken over the pond, and there’ll be a lot of them.

Aquamog – You may cut those cattails, though remember that it’s smart to cut them somewhere around an inch under the water line so as to deprive them of oxygen and they will die.

Lowering the Water Line – Cattail Removal, just like any other living creature, require water in order to survive. Through lowering the water line, and ensuring that the plants don’t receive all the things they need, you will discover that they die out pretty fast, unless of course they have actually spread their seed, in which case you’ll need to do this all over again the following year. If you’ve no problem with manipulating the water of your pond every single year, then this would be a realistic choice.

Pesticides – AThis should be a final decision, because pesticides may hurt the organic life within your pond, which sort of defeats the reason for owning a pond. Regardless, you may still purchase any herbicides that you need from stores, or from online. Just remember the hazards.

Remember this, you might believe cattails are a serious issue and you need to destroy all of them, however take note that cattails help stop erosion, and that is definitely a good thing. So try to remember to leave at the very least a couple cattails alive, because every creature (wasps excluded) has a purpose, even if the reason is unknown.

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