How To Change Your Bike Tire Pump From Presta To Schrader

July 9, 2013 | By Guest | Filed in: Outdoor Camping.

If you're like many other people you have likely banged your head against a wall trying to change a Bike Tire Pump from a Presta Valve Bike Tire pump configuration to Schrader. Well Geared2U feels for you and has actually made a tutorial video that you all can watch below.

Sadly this is a typical concern for lots of people since most of the bike pump providers do not do a good job of providing clear to comprehend instructions on the use and care of their newly purchased bike tire pump and they become naturally frustrated.

Having a bike pump that can change from Presta to Schrader just might be very useful when someone you're with gets a blow out or needs more bike tire air and they have the other valve stem than you. Mini Bike Pumps are also really simple to use and ought to be light weight and compact enough to simply fit in your pack or have the option of mounting to your bike frame.

In this newest video from Geared2U this guy named Matt shows completely the best way to convert a bike pump. Keep in mind that the basic steps that Matt demonstrates can be applied to 90 % of the bike pump on the market today.

Just make certain that you buy a bike pump that is constructed to last, and made from aluminum, and comes complete with some kind of a warranty so that you're fully covered.

If you want the mini bike pump made by Geared2U you can buy their bike pump on Amazon by searching using the keywords: Mini Bike Pump and clicking the product listed by Geared2U.

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