High Performance Stainless Steel Water Bottle Can Help You Shed Weight and Save You Money.

August 11, 2013 | By Guest | Filed in: Outdoor Camping.

This may appear silly, particularly when discussing something as practical as a stainless steel water bottle, but what a terrific experience it is when you eventually stumble across something that not only offers you a excellent bargain product, but may save you bucks and help you to slim down! (it’s true, keep with me and I will explain).

If you’re something similar to me, then you most likely buy a bottle of water as and when your out and feel dry. Being a bit of a miser, I always chose the least expensive bottle of water I could get. However I was still purchasing around 10 bottles of water weekly and the amount was accumulating. Furthermore the odd candy bar or packet of biscuits I’d pick up at the counter on check out! So I was shelling out dollars on water and buying unhealthy food as well with it!

I have been a massive supporter of Amazon.com for a very long time. I really love the advantage of internet purchasing. Amazon offer fast shipping and also a comforting money back promise if your not really satisfied with your product. Not only was I able to get a top quality, impressive looking stainless steel water bottle for a very good price, but what actually made an impression on me was the good follow up the provider Motive8 Bottles offered. They made sure that I received my item plus importantly they delivered me a lot of great recommendations for the ways to successfully make use of and take care of the bottle to make certain I got the most from it.

I am now accustomed to filling my stainless steel water bottle every evening & popping it into the fridge so I get colder water for the next day. I’m saving myself the weekly price of purchasing water, and I’m no longer buying the candy bar I picked up with my water! I’ve shed 3 pounds in the past 2 weeks!

I am really happy with the Motive8 stainless steel water bottle that I chose to share my story. And so if your looking for a modern stainless steel water bottle then I encourage you to hit the link underneath to order yours now and try it for yourself. If you opt to try it let me know your thoughts too. I am sure you will be happy you did.

* Delightful fresh water flavor, has no weird odor or steel flavor
* User-friendly flip straw the entire friends and family will be in love with using
* Easy single hand sipping without lids or caps to remove
* Wide mouth can fill with cube ice & easy access to clean
* BPA-free – very safe !
* Terrific for the car and gym suits many cup holders
* Suits most bicycle cages
* Head doesn’t need to tip back to use
* Loop on the lid means you could put a carabineer on it & connect it to your back pack or sporting bag
* Environmentally friendly, reusable and 100 % recyclable
* Composed of strong 18/10 (# 316) food grade stainless steel. That means extraordinary powerful resistance to rust, corrosion and stains and is very easy to wash.

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