Guide To Finding Out The Right Hakama Size

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After determining the kind of uniform to use in your martial arts training, your next concern it to make sure that you get it at the right size. This makes sense not only because it can impart a good look but it can also help a practitioner in executing the techniques well. Because of this, if you are planning to purchase a hakama, it is necessary that you know how the sizing works so you will know how to obtain the right fit. To help you with this, you should keep in mind there are three measurements that are crucial. These are the waist, hip and leg lengths. For the waist, your measurement should involve the waist part, above your pelvis. On the other hand, your hip measurement should include the widest point of this area.

There is also the leg length which is also referred to as the outseam or the distance from the belt to the ankle bone. Or this could be the measurement from the top where you normally wear your pants down to the point where you want your hakama to reach. There is a size chart online that you can search for to aid you in figuring out what size to buy. Here, the outseam dimensions are crucial. Prior to the use of the chart, you need to compute using a formula that involves dividing the outseam by 1.49 (for measurements in inches) or 3.79 (for centimeters). The resulting number is the length where you have to base the corresponding size. You have to remember, however that like kung fu uniform, if you get this garment in a cotton material, then you have to provide an allowance on the size, since it is prone to shrinkage. A good advice is to get one size bigger for a cotton uniform to compensate for the expected shrinkage.

Knowing the right uniform size is essential, especially if you are planning to purchase from the Internet. Before you order your martial arts uniform from, ensure you have already identified the size. If you feel DIY measurement is not your cup of tea, you may want to try visiting a local store to fit on the uniform so you can have a clearer idea of which size is right for you. This way, you can get away with problems of wrong sizing when you buy online. It would also help to learn the return and exchange policies of the store so you know what steps to take just in case a problem with your purchase pops up. As a whole, you should do all the means possible to make sure you get the right size of martial arts uniform.

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