Great Camping Places In Alaska

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Alaska is full of surprises and there are many places you can go camping in “The Last Frontier”. During the summer many people call this the land of the midnight sun. The vastness of this state is enough to overwhelm you.

So now the question is where do you go in Alaska. There is the far north with the arctic beaches, the reindeer herds or maybe the thick dense forests and waterways of Southeast Alaska. There is also the realm of the Aleutian Islands. These island are rarely visited and some are over a thousand miles west of Anchorage and still part of the same state. Then there are glaciers and white water rafting that can be accomplished and both at the same time. You can raft down the freezing muddy waters of many a glacial feed river.

Southeast Alaska provides many opportunities for camping. You can go flight seeing, fishing, kayaking, hiking, whale watching or just relax and watch the natural world around your camp.

Throughout Southeast Alaska you will find many National Forest Service cabins located in some very nice places. These are setup for you to enjoy, just plan ahead as they can be booked out in advance. There is often lots of rain here you can read a Kelty Green River 6 review and discover how this tent just might be the one to use so you can stay dry. Most of the campgrounds in this part of the state are near towns like Wrangell, Juneau and Ketchikan.

How about heading up north for some beach camping? Ever considered camping out on the edge of the Arctic Ocean? Probably not but it is an option. North of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge lies the town of Kaktovik, near here you are allowed to camp on the beach. It should be noted that it is wise to check with the locals regarding where the safest locations for camping are. Also stay on the lookout for polar bears as they might pay you a visit. Humm, how thick are those walls on the tent?

You have other options up north like along the Dalton Highway. There are several campgrounds along this northern highway that are great places to up a tent or park your RV. You will find camps like Galbraith Camp which is located north of the Brooks Range or at Yukon crossing and the Arctic Circle camp.

Where ever you camp in Alaska you need to be prepared for the climate, the animals and the extreme wilderness. Plan ahead and bring your survival gear. You will need all the basics as well as mosquito netting and repellent. The mosquitoes and noseems can get thick on a warm calm day and they can drive you insane if you do not have protection against them.

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