Golf Swing Principles for Individuals Beginning the Game

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When addressing proper swing basics for the new golfer, the thought is to keep things uncomplicated and not seek to emulate Tiger Woods or any of the professionals. Their golf swings are so far superior to ours that it would simply produce more frustration than this great sport of golf already has. What I want to suggest to the new golfer is to get very simple in their swing basics, and once that is in place build from that foundation.

1. Go to work on The Golf Short Game initially. I suppose because we start a hole from the tee, people learning the game believe that is where their training ought to begin. I believe proper swing basics begin with the chip shot, then moving up, ending using the driver. The most important point of any golf swing is what transpires at golf ball contact, and the rest of the golf swing is merely in support of golf ball contact. The closer you get to the hole, the greater number of times you’ll use a particular golf club. Then doesn’t it stand to reason the more often you utilize a particular golf club throughout a round of golf, the more often you need to put into practicing with it? It’s natural for the new golfer to walk on the driving range, yank out the driver, and hit half a bucket of balls with it. However how often do you use a driver during a round of golf? Fourteen at most, and many of the swings with the driver another golf club would have been the better alternative. Give the driver a rest.

2. Work on contact, not golf club velocity. Controlled contact will serve your game much better than working to come up with golf club speed for yardage. This is why we start with a few Golf Chipping Guidelines around the green, as it has the shortest length in your golf swing, and therefore is the most controlled of any golf club. When the new golfer practices this shot, he must always here a crisp “click” to the golf ball at contact. In addition, practice removing any sidespin which on the longer clubs will produce a slice or hook.

3. As you move up from the chip shot when developing good swing basics, think “smooth and under control” instead of “fast and aggressive”. Swinging the golf club harder might drive the golf ball further, but only if you hit it firmly. But even when you hit it solidly but impart a lot of sidespin, the golf ball will be in worse position than if you hit it 50 or 100 yards less, but with more control.

4. It would be extremely difficult for the new golfer, or for that matter any golfer, to maintain correct swing basics without being in decent physical shape. Muscles used for a proper swing aren’t used on a normal basis, so they should be maintained using an off-course program.

This is only a primer course in proper swing basics. The new golfer must always be patient in his improvement and particularly try to maintain a correct rhythm and tempo. However above all, have a good time, and appreciate that playing golf better is a journey, not a destination.

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