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Would you like to know if the Simple Golf Swing Guru guide really works? There are millions of golfers all over the world today, making it one of the most popular sport and leisure activities. David Nevogt, the creator from the Simple Golf Swing Guru system, has established a guide that can help golfers get closer to achieving their perfect swing action.

1. What are the Main Issues that All Golfers Suffer from?

It addresses the issue that all golfers suffer from, which is to get the perfect swing action. It corrects and improves 3 important areas about a person’s golf game, which are his slicing, distance and consistency.

2. How Can the Simple Golf Swing Guru Assist you to Improve your Game?

I discovered the mistakes that I was making with my grip and learned the best techniques to use. Basically, it’s helped me learn to hold my club the proper way with various overlapping and inter-locking methods. It has also solved the problem get my slice correct and reduced my handicap up to 45%. Readers may also find out the best ways to hit more greens and the way to correctly align the club face.

3. The Simple Golf Swing Guru Teaching Methods

There is a main downloadable step by step guide with assignments and worksheets which cover the main system as well as the exercises you need to perform to obtain better at golf. There are practice drills, live seminars as well as movie clips that users can view to better understand the concepts taught. All obtainable and are explained and demonstrated very clearly in detail.

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