Free Poker Online Tips to Understanding the Difference Between Bad Losses V Decent Playing

July 8, 2010 | By Guest | Filed in: Outdoor Camping.

Poker, free poker online sites, buy in poker sites, casino tables – whatever – they’re all just like life… You have your bad days and good ones. You have your bad beats and your good hands. Unfortunately your good hands are usually the ones you fold while the bad beats hit you when you’re actually trying to play the hand!

What I’ve learned is how you can play your lovely pocket pairs but they rarely hit vs playing those crappy hands like a 6 2 or a 4 9 but those pocket aces your bad beats will lost while those hands u fold are crap til that flop appears.

Why does this happen? Why is the luck always on someone else’s side? Why does poker do this to the good players while the donks well, they constantly hit with the pockets while you lose? This is called bad beats vs donks at this point. As those donks keep playing like utter crap, you go what the hell is this?

What I’ve learned is when you play online verses in person you will encounter more bad beats online and lost to those donks that love to all in verses in person everyone plays tighter than those pair of jeans that you wear that are 2 sizes too small but you insist they fit… just like you insist a pair of pocket aces will fit.

Point of this is simple… Poker is like life… It is fun yet it’s challenging yet it’s totally surprising yet unreliable.

Poker and free poker online are interesting as you are oblivious to the cards that are about to be dealt. Just like everyday life it’s the small variable decisions that can either work for you or work against you and turn your day into one horrible bad beat.

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