Family Camping Tips

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Family camping

Family camping can be great fun, but it can also be a lot of work. It’s like horseback riding or bicycling – you have a great time while you’re doing it, but you can be exhausted by it. Camping also means different things for many different people. Some folks take a fully-loaded RV with a surround sound system into the woods and call it camping. I don’t think that should be considered “camping.” In order to get the most out of real camping, following are great family camping tips for less stress and more enjoyment.

First pack light and then pack lighter

I believe that the most obvious of camping tips can be the one most often ignored. Consider that if you are carrying everything you need on your body, then logically you would want to carry what you absolutely must have. Believe it or not, I’ve been Family camping with people who bring coffee grinders, coffee beans and a coffee maker. I also been with someone who brought an encyclopedia to read. My strongest recommendation is that when you go Family camping, take only what you need, nothing else.

Lower Your Expectations

One of the other best camping tips is to not expect much. Another great Family camping tip is that you should not expect an experience like what you would see on the Discovery Channel on your camping trip. Often the best trips are very low in the excitement department. The purpose of most Family camping is to slow down, so just relax. Open your mind to the possibilities, and you will often be pleasantly surprised.


Bring far less of the regular stuff (like shirts, shorts, pants) and far more of the unusual than you would expect. Don’t forget raingear (raincoat and splash or waterproof pants) plenty of warm and cool stuff (including both a sunhat and warm hat).

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