Explore New Mexico Tourism at the Baloon Fiesta

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Explore New Mexico Tourism at the Ballooning Capital of the World

When you are wanting to make your itinerary for your New Mexico travel vacation be sure to consider a visit at Albuquerque to see the Ballooning Capital of the World! Everyone will want to be present the first seven days of October when the Balloon Fiesta is going on. For nine straight days there are balloons flying over the sky of the city in a colorful display of the more than seven hundred balloons that participate in the event.

With over 300 resident balloonists from around the Albuquerque area you will be able to observe balloons anytime you visit. In fact, you can usually book a ride to go up on one from one of the many baloonist in the area and see the wonder of the area from the sky.

If you stay for the Balloon Fiesta be sure to stick around throughout the evening so you can see Balloon “Glowdeos”. This is where the balloonists’ fire up their propane burners to inflate the balloons against the night sky which leaves the whole area aglow with psychedelic light bulbs! There are also different styles of some of the balloons that you will enjoy seeing. There are dinosaurs, bumble bees, flowers, a stage coach and cow jumping over the moon. They all go up in a mass ascension of “special shape rodeos” for your viewing.

While you are in the region be sure to take a tour of the International Balloon Museum one of the top New Mexico attractions. Everyone will have an opportunity to find out about ballooning, the science, culture, history, sport and art of the flights while you are visiting the Museum. It’s easy to get to since it is right on the edge of the field.

The cost of admission is fair so you won’t have to limit yourself just one event, you will be able to check out many and still have enough money to eat while at the park. There are food vendors throughout the region to take care of your hunger pains while you are there.

Because you are going to be attending in October you are going to want a jacket for the mornings. It will be approximately forty degrees during the morning flights and warm up to approximately 70 as the day warms up. Dress in layers to be able to shed some when you get to hot. Be sure to use sunscreen with you since are at a high altitude and there is a risk for sunburn. Wear comfy shoes, you will be walking and standing a lot so might as well be comfortable. You can bring lawn chairs onto the field, unlike a number of events today. If you carry a large backpack with “treasures” be prepared to have it inspected before you enter the event.

This is a fabulous event so make sure you plan to visit. Remember that a New Mexico vacation can be more than looking at museums and canyons; you can also look to the sky!

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