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If you have any clue about basketball, then you know the ultimate way to impress the crowd is with a monstrous vertical leap. It is possible to do so many more things with this ability under your belt. Of course, having quality and skill in your playing is essential. As long as you are dedicated, and put in the time, you can master the skill with no problem. You need to be able to train appropriately, which begins with solid information. To give yourself a chance at improving your jumping ability, training is an absolute must. Today, you’ll learn three excellent tips for increasing your vertical leap.

If you really want to get extreme with your vertical leap training, then check out single leg squats. When you start off, you need to go with your body weight only. Doing just one single leg squat is difficult for the general population. These exercises will train your sense of balance along with your leg strength. People that run start with one leg. This is why doing these exercises is important, especially if you do this a lot. One leg at a time is all you need to do when you start out. One of your legs will be naturally stronger than the other depending on if you are right or left handed. Tightness in your body is a recipe for poor athletic performance and opens the doors to injury. Not only do you need to stretch muscles, but you also have to loosen tendons and ligaments especially in your legs. There are specific muscle groups that must be stretched when improving your ability to jump. To name off just a few of them, your Achilles tendons, hip flexor muscles, hamstrings and quadriceps must all be stretched. You should also do light and careful stretching of your knees with slow circular motions applied to them. You will see a dramatic improvement in your ability to jump when your ligaments and tendons are comfortably stretched.

A terrific way to build your rebounding ability and also work on your fast twitch muscle response is to do box jumping. Just get a box that is stable, and simply jump up and down off of the box. This is what will help build your muscles.

If you use a higher box, it will be harder to do this exercise. When you start out, make sure the difficulty level is not too high. It should be easy to jump on the box, and off of it. To complete this exercise, you simply jump off of the box, land, and then jump back on it. It’s as simple as that. Be sure you warm up and do some stretching of your legs before you begin this training exercise.

Everyone has seen players who don’t seem to need any help to have impressive and very high vertical leaps. It’s true that there are a few who have this natural ability but remind yourself that they are few and far between. If you don’t have this natural ability try to accept that and, instead, work hard at using the various techniques you’ve learned for improvement. By working hard to get better than you currently are, you can compensate for a lack of natural ability.

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